Top 5 Ways to include team building in your workplace

Team building brings employees together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. It is this type of activity that promotes a great workplace culture. The benefits of having positive workplace culture impacts happiness and satisfaction, attracts talent and most importantly affects performance.


Mt Buller is the perfect destination for all types of team building exercises, competition prizes, and networking events. There are countless things to do that fosters higher productivity amongst employees and stakeholders.


Our top 5 ways to include team building at your next corporate retreat guide will help you find your way around the mountain and include some great activities at your next Corporate retreats.


Networking Events & Town Halls


Hosting a networking event or town hall is a great way to build team connectedness. This encourages different departments to come together and build better cross-departmental relations. Organising a networking event at Mt Buller is easy, they have an in house event planner to assist with all of your organisation’s requirements.

Transparent communication in organisations is vital for success. Hosting an annual town hall event is a great way to showcase the achievements and goals for the years to come. Alpine Central is a great venue for all types of corporate events. The 180 seat auditorium/cinema is suitable for presentations, lectures, and workshops and comes equipped with a data projector and big screen.


Tour the mountain with the Siberian Huskies


Give your staff the adventure of a lifetime with one of the many Australian Sled Dog Tours. Add a bit of excitement to the day with the ‘Harnessed Dreams Tour’. Your staff will be able to enjoy the exciting and picturesque trail through the mountains. The tour lasts just under 2 hours where they will be able to either relax as a passenger or have a go at driving their own team of Siberian Huskies.


Nature Adventure Scavenger Hunts


Mt Buller has an abundance of activities for all ages. Organising a scavenger hunt is a great way to build a better team environment. Creating teams and having them work together to gather clues will make for a fun day out.

There are three great options to create a scavenger hunt on Mt Buller:

  • Mt Buller History is an already organised scavenger hunt available at no charge. This hunt incorporates an element of adventure, as it sends the participants out into the wilderness.
  • Sculpture Park Walk has many different sculptures on display across the village. Spend a little bit of time creating clues to point your team to the different sculptures. Then offer a great prize at the last destination for the winning team.
  • Gnome Rome is a fun little place on the mountain for all ages. While it is mainly designed for children, there are many ways to make this a more adult-friendly activity.


Celebration and Prizes


When you win, you celebrate. Setting up a competition to drive your staff to reach and exceed their targets is a great motivator. Offering a getaway is the perfect prize to reward your staff for their hard work.

Here are some great prize and reward options for Mt Buller:


Ski Lessons / Skiing


Challenging your staff out of their comfort zone is a great way to foster connectivity. Mt Buller offers a range of private and group sessions for all levels. After a few hours with one of the highly trained instructors, the staff will be ready to hit the slopes. Creating a competition for most improved or a race down the mountain will spark their competitive spirit and make for an action-packed day.


Whether you are looking to host a corporate event or provide a great prize for high achievers there are many options to delight in Mt Buller. Chalet 5 is Mt Buller’s latest luxury destination and the perfect venue to host clients, celebration dinners and treat your employees to luxurious weekend getaways. With countless activities on the doorstep, a stay at Chalet 5 in Whitehorse Village will leave anyone feeling revitalised and recharged.