Getting to Chalet 5

Planning your adventure to Chalet 5, Whitehorse Village is all part of the experience. Even as a seasoned visitor to Mt Buller, it’s always better to be prepared for your adventure.

Make your visit to Chalet 5 a seamless one with the following tips on getting to the Chalet.




Mt Buller is 248km from Melbourne. In 3 short hours, you can escape the city to exquisite mountain surrounds.

There are a few different routes available, each with unique views:

Plenty Rd via Whittlesea and Yea

Via the Hume Hwy to Tallarook and Yea

Via the Maroondah Hwy to Yarraglen and Yea

If you are driving directly up to the Chalet it is important to ensure you have the right equipment for your car. Make sure to visit Buller Sports in Mansfield for further information about renting and fitting the chains. (If you get to the base of the mountain and the sign at the gate advises the use of ski chains but you don’t have them. Don’t stress. You can park your car at the base of the mountain and use the valet service to get you to Chalet 5.)

Book your Mt Buller entry pass and on-mountain parking up ahead of time through Mt Buller’s entry and parking page here.




If you like to travel in style, Microflight offer seven pick up locations across Melbourne to get you to the Chalet in under an hour. Flying into Buller is a wonderful experience. The journey to the mountain is filled with stunning views from above.


Mt Buller Taxi


There are many places at Mt Buller that are accessible by foot. However, after a long day on the slopes, you may prefer to opt for a taxi service back to the Chalet. There are many taxi services available at Mt Buller and the prices are very reasonable. You can purchase the taxi passes online, at the entrance or directly from the driver. For all taxi prices, visit


Mt Buller Free Shuttle Service


If you are happy to wait for the bus, there are three great routes for the free intra-village shuttle. The closest shuttle to Chalet 5 is on the Ski School Loop. However, each corner of the village is covered by the shuttle. For more timetables and maps, you can speak to the Mt Buller team upon arrival.


Walking Mt Buller


Across the mountain, there are many heated pathways to help you get to where you are going. Sometimes taking the slow route on foot can be the most enjoyable. Read more information about accessing the village by foot here.


Arriving for the first time to Chalet 5


Chalet 5 offers a 4 pm check-in time for all guests. If you are planning to arrive earlier, please contact Buller Holidays directly. They will do their best to accommodate an earlier check-in time. Unfortunately, there is no luggage storage option available for early arrivals.

Upon arrival into the resort, you will be given a swipe pass from Mt Buller team. This swipe pass will grant you access to the Whitehorse Village gated community. However, we strongly advise contacting the concierge ( +61 3 5777 7911) upon arrival at the base of the mountain to coordinate your arrival.


We hope you enjoy your stay at Chalet 5.